OS – Basic Cadet Submarine School



Training Site specific information:

  1. General. BCSS (Basic Cadet Submarine School) cadets will undergo training by active duty Submarine Qualified instructors at Submarine Base facilities including active participation in labs, simulators and aboard in-port submarines. Topics will include an overview of communication systems, fire control (tactical and/or strategic), sonar, hydraulics, air systems and ballast/compensation/trim & drain. Cadets will also receive small arms training, swimming instruction/testing and participate in daily PT.

  2. Prerequisites. Advanced to SN/E-3 and 15 years of age (wavierable only through conversation of Unit CO with COTC)

  3. Graduation Requirements.  Cadets must complete all elements of the Submarine Qualification Card and pass the Mid-term and Final exams with a score of 70% or better.

  4. Staff Cadets. Must have graduated from BCSS (OS Seamanship, Submarine School, Basic) or previously Submarine Seminar. Cadet will be enrolled in ACSS (OT Seamanship, Submarine School, Advanced) and complete all its requirements.  Staff cadets will not only supervise cadets but will monitor the progress of each BCSS cadet on their progress of completing the qualification card.